Necessity is in Calata Theokita

Eva and Jan Fr. Mack
Wed 4 Jan 2012 20:46
Our position is 52:41:59S 73:45:77W
We were supposed to be in the Magellan Straight, but the weather was to tough. When we approached the straight close to its western entrance it was gusting more than 40 knots (strong gale) on the nose, and the sea was coming up. This is quite close to the sea, so this is a passage to be taken seriously. We turned around and ended up in a tiny bight, very secluded and protected - and very close to where we want to go. The forecast is for considerably less wind, albeit still from a somewhat awkward direction. We are going to try again at first light. At the moment we are relaxing after having filled water from stream coming down to the shore less than 20 meters from Necessity. Fresh water is abundant, both from the sky and from the streams. I haven't seen rain like this since the tropic. We are, however, dry and warm, and we still have some Christmas marzipan. Life isn't bad.
Take a look at the anchorage on Google Earth. It is an amazing place. Hans-Jacob, Bjarte and Fredrik says hello.
Till tomorrow,
Jan Fr.