Necessity is in Joinville

Eva and Jan Fr. Mack
Wed 25 Apr 2012 17:32
Our position is 26:17:62S 48:46:85W
When the we woke up yesterday the weather could have been better. We were not certain the we would get into over the sand bar into Paranagua, so we headed for Joinville in stead. As you will see from the Google map this is further inland.
The city of 500.000 is a typical southern Brazilian industrial town established by German, Swiss and Norwegians(!) in 1880 something. Well the Norwegians, or most of them anyway, decided to go home after a few years. Today the place has a distinctive German industrial flavour. There are even quite a few people still speaking German in the Yacht Club. The club is very nice and free of charge, they also speak some English. All are very helpful.
We will stay a few days and maybe go to Iguazu falls from here. We have to find some cheaper tickets though. The ones we have found to these magnificent waterfalls could take one person back to Norway return.

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