Necessity is in Salvadaor

Eva and Jan Fr. Mack
Thu 18 Oct 2012 21:47
Our position is 12:58:79S 38:31:23W
The wind was a little on and off on our trip up from Abrolhos. When it materialized it blew hard and on the nose. It was fast sailing, but we still got in well after dark. Salvador is a big city (three million inhabitants) with a big harbor. We first found the yacht club, but it was hard to decide if it was possible to anchor. We went on up the bay to Bahia Marina which is a well organized and very protected marina. It keeps both troublesome weather and troublesome neighbors away from the boats. At around nine in the evening the night-staff helped us moor the boat, and we could have our well deserved "ankerdram" (in my case I prefer G&T). I must have been pretty tired because two of them made me somewhat dizzy and ready for bed.
Today we have visited a small part of Salvador (bad reputation), Policia Federal (bad reputation too, but we have to check in) without any bad experiences. We are now legal cruisers in Bahia de Todos Os Santos. Tomorrow we will have a closer look at the old city and then we are off to see this huge bay. More about that later. Hanna and Per-Eirik says hello.
jfm 18.10.12

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