Necessity is in Port Hardy p

Eva and Jan Fr. Mack
Sat 5 Jun 2010 14:54
Our position is 50:42:75N 127:29:34W
Only Jan Fr. is on board.
I was off from Fury Cove at 0500 yesterday morning. No wind. No wind across the entire Queen Charlotte Sound. What happened to the gale? Motoring again.
Port Hardy is not much to talk about, except maybe the marina prices. Loads of Americans come through here every year, and this is where they must part with their money. I had planned to leave the boat for a couple of months, but that would have set me back as much as two years back home. Negotiations where futile. I have never complained because of prices before, but this is truly Port Greedy.
In a few hours I am headed for Comox two days away. They have a pricelist that I can live with, but do they have space?
Jan Fr