Necessity is in Nanortaliq in Greenland

Eva and Jan Fr. Mack
Sat 27 Jul 2013 17:00
Our position is 60:08:30N 45:14:43W
Yesterday we had a cold and foggy sail down to Nanortaliq. Few places can look so desolate in bad weather. We did, however, find a nice wharf once we came in, and also another boat, SOL from Denmark. They are sailing the same way we are and plan to leave really early tomorrow morning. We may leave today, but we may also decide to go together with Sol.
There are a considerable number of big icebergs around here. Rumour - and also the Danish Ice Central think that there are very little ice in Prince Christiansund at the moment. The sound runs from the west to the east coast, and is a formidable shortcut - when it is open. There are also very little ice on the east coast, which is definitely unusual.
Generally we are well stocked, well fuelled and are ready to go. The weather forecast is promising. Greeting from Hans-Jacob.
Jan Fr. 27.07.13

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