Necessity is en route to Piriapolis in Uruguay

Eva and Jan Fr. Mack
Wed 1 Feb 2012 10:08
Our position is 36:22:00S 55:44:00W (at 0700)
I am sailing Necessity from Mar del Plata to Piriapolis. I am quite alone onboard. That is ok. Conditions are good. I will be in tonight. Bjarte and Hans-Jacob are in Buenos Aires.
The plan was originally to leave the boat in Mar del Plata, but that didn't work out. 1: Customs didn't like the idea of Necessity being there while I was back home for a few weeks. 2: The Yacht Club expected a lot of boats in during a major regatta later in February. They simply had no space to offer.
Piriapolis seems to have the necessary space and few hang-up with regard to leaving the boat.
What about Mar del Plata? Did I find out why it was a major tourist destination? Personally I didn't. There were some nice parts of town, but mostly it was quite dull and industrialized. The beaches are good, and I suppose there are a few vacant square meters. These are the summer holidays down here, and the place was generally packed.
And there were of course two big circuses in town, and a couple of casinos. For me the best place was actually the yacht club which had a first class restaurant with budget prices, and generally nice people - both visiting yachts-people and staff.
Even so I would never want to go back to Mar del Plata in a boat. The thought of visiting the "Prefectura Naval" (Coast Guard) again makes me physically sick.
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