Necessity is getting closer to Cape Horn

Eva and Jan Fr. Mack
Sun 8 Jan 2012 12:51
Our position is 54:45:75S 71:12:71W
We left Bahia Mansa yesterday after Fredrik left us the day before. It is always sad when people leave, particulary close family. Bahia Mansa is close to Pto Hambre, "Point Hunger". This was the first Spanish settlement down here from the 1580'ties, and the going obviously was very tough in the beginning. No surprise there with Spanish settlers in this area.
We have had a good overnight sale and is now in Canal Ballanero headed for Cape Horn which is 160 nm miles away. Before that we need a fresh weather forecast. Necessity will probably be anchored for the night. After that the weather will decide what we do.
Bjarte and Hans-Jacob says hi,
Jan Fr.