We are in Port Resolution, Tanna

Eva and Jan Fr. Mack
Sat 1 Sep 2007 06:17
Our position is 19:31:50S 169:29:39E
We came in yesterday morning after an uncomfortable trip. Another boat, Two by Sea, came in 10 minutes later. They complained about the sea condition even more than we did. Never mind, we are here in a place that is quite famous among the cruising community.
After one day we most definitely think the fame is well deserved. Again the same friendly Melanesians, though a little less extrovert than the Fijians. The initiative is back to us, but if you address the locals the response is marvellous. These people seem to have retained their original culture to a far larger extent than at the other islands. Rumors have it that there was no clear victory to the missionaries, though the locals have given up putting their guests on the menu (they appreciated the missionaries in that particular way, and a few of them ended in the stew). The villages are back to "Astrix". No ugly concrete and very little corrugated iron. Extremely tidy with well swept tracks, though admittedly rather dirty. We came back from the village with five eggs and a bunch of bananas in exchange for some biscuits and half a dozen fish hooks. Just the place for us. And tomorrow Jan Fr. goes to the Volcano (Eva will wait until Tore Uthaug comes next week). When we find an Internet Cafe we will substantiate with photos on our website. That, however, could be a while since there are hardly even telephones here.
Eva and Jan Fr.
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