Necessity is in Isla Cavada in Panama

Eva and Jan Fr. Mack
Fri 29 Feb 2008 22:18
Our position is 07:59:60N 82:01:90W
Today we set off from Boca Chica bound for Galapagos. We, being Tore Uthaug and myself. Tore has been onboard before. He came with us from Vanuatu to Australia a few years ago. It is very nice to have him back.
The Galapagos run should be an easy one, the main challenge often being the lack of wind. Not so! Maybe it is because of the rainy season, but we had 20 knots on the nose with some pretty hefty squalls thrown in for good measure. I have beat into such conditions before for many days in a row, but pleasant it is not. When the weather forecast states the same conditions for a weak one begins to wonder. First day out, choppy seas, heavy rain squalls - we did't make it very far. We are now on Isla Cavada in a nice anchorage. At least it would be nice if it stopped raining.
My God, I am becoming a moaner. I must have been out too long. No mistake though, I do look forward to Galapagos or where the weather takes us.
Well, Pedegral was a little different. Keeping the boat in the middle of the jungle in the rainy season is not ideal. On return the there was a certain smell of mildew. By now that is, however, mostly memory. Did we get used the smell, or is it actually gone? We need a third party judge, one that is not from here. I suspect that the particular smell is indigenous to Panama. Having complained about that, Pedegral marine was definitely all right. Third world, but all right. The people were helpful - all except officialdom. Again they set us back a few hundred dollars, approximately one hundred with no receipt to show for it. Central America is Central America. jfm 03.10.11