We are in the Wessel Islands

Eva and Jan Fr. Mack
Sat 7 Jun 2008 08:05
Our position is 11:35:94S 136:17:76E
We are on our way to Darwin "over the top" of Australia. Earlier today we went through the Gugari Rip or "Hole in the Wall". This pass is known for its rip tides of up to 15 knots. Timing is of the essence. We came through with ease. The land here is a little eerie. Mile after mile of beautiful beaches, blue sea, lush plants, but not a soul to be seen. This is aboriginal land and landing without permit can give you a hefty fine - if the crocs don't get you first. It is also very hot even if this is winter. Winter clearly does not amount to much at 11 degrees south. Tomorrow we head for a aboriginal settlement were we hope to be welcome (permit pending).
Eva and Per-Henning says hello.
Jan Fr.
S/Y Necessity
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