Necessity is en route to Greenland

Eva and Jan Fr. Mack
Sat 6 Jul 2013 08:49
Our position is 53:39:55N 53:26:64W
We had a very good sail yesterday, but cold. We started off with all of 3 degrees celcius, but the weather was clear with a weak sun. This morning the temperature is all of two degrees and there seems like there may be some rain on the horizon. Or would that be snow?
Initially there were also some icebergs, but we haven't seen one for more than 12 hours. According to the ice charts issued yesterday we should be out of iceberg ally, so maybe there aren't any out here. We were a little apprehensive during the night, but in reality it didn't get entirely dark. We kept a good lookout, used the binoculars which gives a little extra light and the radar of course. The big bergs show up quite well. The small one - well, we are not going to see them during the night. Fortunately there are not many of the small ones out here. We are now holding a course that will keep us out of what is called "sea ice", a more permanent cover that is found of the coast of Labrador.
Other than that, we are good. The most popular equipment onboard is definitely the heater.
Hans-Jacob sais hello. He is now asleep and probably warm after a rather cold watch.
Jan Fr. 06.07.13

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