Necessity is in Petersburg - where half the population seems to come from Kristi

Eva and Jan Fr. Mack
Sat 15 May 2010 17:29
My position is 56:48:61N 132:57:91W
...and most of the rest from other places in Norway. No surprise that the place is called Little Norway.
I sailed right into "May Fest" which started yesterday and ends on the 17th, Norwegian Constitution day. I went straight from the boat to the Parade featuring lots of children in "bunad" (Norwegian national costume), vikings clad in bear and goat pelts (it would have been very realistic were it not for the horns) and a viking ship. Norwegian flags were everywhere. It was really fun to watch. Then it was "herring toss" which I have never heard of in Norway, but which was oddly appropriate. You win if you are able to toss a herring a long way, and your partner is able to catch it. It does not work well after Aquavite.
The program commences for three days, and I don't know how to find time to do the necessary cleaning before guests arrive from Norway.
Never mind, and good night.
Jan Fr.