Necessity is in Alligator Creek, in Florida close to Georgia

Eva and Jan Fr. Mack
Sun 12 May 2013 12:37
Our position is 30:34:47N 81:28:33W
We are off again, Eva and I and also Anne-Britt and Tom, old sailing friend that we used to sail together with in the Pacific. Necessity is now anchored in Alligator Creek along the Intra Coastal Waterways. We are looking for the alligators, but so far we have seen only dolphins. Tomorrow morning we will go for a swim, so maybe the alligators will turn up.
This part of the Intra Coastal is not to the same standard as further south. It was touch and go, literally. We were frequently stuck for a while in the sand before breaking loose. We have track lines on the wrong side of a marker simply because the "right side" was too shallow. We had been warned, so we may head out to sea to circumnavigate Georgia. Rumors have it that the Carolinas are better. Besides, Charleston is supposed to be a very nice city.
We got back to the boat after having visited Amanda, Fredrik and Alexandra in Houston. It was a bit sad to leave them as it was sad to leave our daughter Helene and family with grandchildren. Not to speak of all the grand-dogs.
Even so it was good to be back in Necessity. She was in good shape and ready to go.
Jan Fr. 11.05.13

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