Necessity is in Maragojipe

Eva and Jan Fr. Mack
Tue 23 Oct 2012 19:47
Our position is 12:47:03S 38:54:41W
Maragojipe is a fishing village up a river from Bahia todos os Santos (look at the map). It is a nice little village, extremely tranquil with the men playing domino or a card game in the narrow streets, while the women watch from the windows. The village has a definite Portuguese flavor. Some fishing boats must be out, but most seems to stay in town today. We came up here from Ilha Frade where we stayed last night. That was a very secluded anchorage on the northern side og the island. Hanna and Per-Eirik went ashore and they were expected to be back before dark. I waited and began to wonder what to do if they didn't turn up. It got very dark, and still they were not back. Finally I saw a light on the beach and then by what I assumed was the dinghy. Why were they so late? - apart from the fact that it is somewhat typical for Per-Eirik. It turned out they had walked into a forest fire spreading fast. They were cut off from going back direct. It had to be a big detour. Well, all went well. Not so for the to friars (frade) that gave name to the island. Reportedly they were eaten by the locals way back, I don't know when.
jfm 23.10.12

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