Necessity is at the ecuator

Eva and Jan Fr. Mack
Sat 8 Oct 2011 21:38
Necessity is at 00:05:37S 80:54:20W
We just passed the equator. This is the third time for Necessity. It was the first for Tore, so he was duly baptized by king Neptune. Necessity also crossed its own wake a few days ago. In 2006 we were going from Panama to Galapagos. After that we have done the Pacific Rim, from New Zealand and Australia in the south, via Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and Japan in the West to Alaska and Canada in the north. Then down the west coast of the Americas until we are now close to Ecuador. This loop is approx. 34000 nautical miles or one and a half time around the globe.
We were originally headed for Galapagos - again. That was not to be. The weather is rotten, overcast with the wind on the nose. It is not even warm. I guess that is due to the Humbold current, but it is still disappointing.
Anyway, we will be in Salinas tomorrow night, something to look forward to.
Jan Fr. And Tore 08.10.11