Necessity was in Fort Lauderdale

Eva and Jan Fr. Mack
Wed 3 Apr 2013 22:56
Our position was 26:06:14N 80:06:99W
Culture shock! Bimini is not a sophisticated place, nor is it rich. I don't know about sophisticated, but the Pier 66 marina in Fort Lauderdale has some very affluent customers. There were a number of large super yachts there, including the largest there is - Cakewalk. It is truly a private cruise ship. There were many more, in Pier 66 or across the Inter Coastal Waterways in Fourt Lauderdale Marina. Private, for personal use! I support capitalism, but I view private consumption on this scale as peacock feathers rather than anything practical. In terms of consuming global resource is must surely be immoral. Then again - I used to be a Naval Architect so I am bound to be fascinated by the boats. Yes, some of them are quite beautiful.
It was good to live in a marina with all the amenities for a couple of days. Restaurants and hot showers with unlimited water. We didn't stay long, the price was a little steep for that, but it was good while we had it.
Jon and Astri left us in Fort Lauderdale. The upside is that we got a little more space onboard, but it always feels a empty when friends are leaving.
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