Necessity is in Port aux Basques in Newfoundland

Eva and Jan Fr. Mack
Tue 25 Jun 2013 01:18
Our position is 47:34:48N 59:08:41W
Yes, we have just found Newfoundland. It was well hidden in the fog. It is, after all, foggy Newfoundland. Even here in the harbour we don't really see much of the town. We can only hope for tomorrow. Still, we are fine. The heater is running and Necessity is dry and warm. The aquavite is out. The mood is good despite the lack of mobile broadband.
Today's sail was not the best. We had some wind for a short while, but most of the time we had no wind in combination with either confused sea or dense fog. We are happy that we have a good radar and an AIS system. The old fashioned "Look-out" was not very rewarding, even though we did spot some whales, either pilot whales of female orcas.
We will post more later. Right now Hans-Jacob and I are going to have hot dogs and beer. Good night,
Jan Fr. 24.06.13

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