Necesity is safe in Mazatlan, Eva and Jan is in Houston

Eva and Jan Fr. Mack
Sun 13 Mar 2011 15:01
Necessity's position is 23:16:19N 106:27:30W
We were a little anxious for a while. The earth quake happened after we left Mazatlan. Far away from Japan you may think, but some harbours in California were hit hard. Crescent City for one had destruction for millions of dollars. There was a warning out in Mazatlan too, but fortunately for us the city is behind Baja California, and according to reports the tsunami was hardly noticeable.
In the meantime our thoughts go to our Japanese friends. We have not been in touch with them yet and we presume that they have enough on their hands. We think that Kochi was well protected, but we don't really know. Katsura? - who knows.
We know that Hitachi was badly hit, but we don't know any cruisers there. We will try to find out more later today.
In a few days I continue the trip around the Pacific rim - Eva is going home. I hope there will not be more natural (or other) disasters for a while.
jfm 13.03.11