Necessityon the way to Lautoka

Eva and Jan Fr. Mack
Sat 23 Jun 2007 06:54
Our position is 17:23:16S 177:47:55W
We are now closing in on one of the main towns on the vest cost of Vitu Levu. We left Savusavu a few days ago after a brief visit to meet up again with Blue Marlin and Pomona - very nice.
The passage across the north cost of Vitu Levu requires constant attention as you move between the reefs and coral heads. The charts are frequently off by half a nautical mile, so eyeballing is necessary (we cheat a little and have waypoints as well).
Some of the anchorages are stunning above and below water. Mostly there are no other boats, but life under the surface is abundant. At Naigani Island I was snorkling through an enormous school of angel fish when on the other side I was mask to face with a black tip reef shark, maybe 30 cm away. I probably look quit scary, for it was gone in a flash.
Mid summer night is spent alone, but Eva is preparing a nice little meal as the sun sets in the Ocean on the other side of the reef (no green flash despite the G&T). On shore the flames are not from bonfires, but from farmers burning off the cane fields. Tomorrow we have to deal with the bureaucrats of Lautoka.
Eva & Jan Fr.
on Necessity

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