We are at sea again

Eva and Jan Fr. Mack
Wed 3 Oct 2007 01:26
Our position is 16:31:91S 165:05:77E
We are at sea again, headed for Chesterfield Rief. The wind is 20 knots, "bumpy" seas, and again it is going to fast. We don't want to enter Chesterfield in the dark, although it has been done before.
Vanuatu was worth more than our 1 month there, but airline tickets have been bought out of Australia. We should be in Australia in approx. 10 days. Now we hope that the turtles are laying their eggs on Chesterfield like they are supposed to.
We will come back with a full report in English on our web site at a later stage.
Jan Fr. and Tore (Eva is home in Norway)
We are available on satphone, see our website www.sailaway.no

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