Necessity is in Taku Harbor

Eva and Jan Fr. Mack
Wed 12 May 2010 02:32
My position is 58:03:75N 134:01:24W
The weather forecast is not good, so I am hiding in this bay. It is a good place to hide with floats where you can tie up. There is a lot of space, but only one visitor - me. The floats are fairly new and made for passing pleasure craft. I came in earlier today after motoring the 33 nm down from Auke bay outside Juneau. I will spend tomorrow here until the front passes. The bay is famous for bears, so hopefully they will come down while I am here tomorrow. On Thursday I hope to be on the way towards Petersburg again. I will tell you more about the spectacular Humpback when I came into the bay. I didn't know they were breaching (jumping) 7-8 times in a row.
Jan Fr.