Necessity is in Little Farmers Cay

Eva and Jan Fr. Mack
Wed 27 Mar 2013 16:00
Our position is 23:57:83N 76:19:31W
We left George Town two days ago to go to Lee Stocking Island. The sail up was beautiful and quite fast. A good start for Astri. There was not much at Lee Stocking apart from good shelter. We needed that, since the wind was blowing hard out of the north that night. Those damned cold fronts! Jon, Arne and Astri went ashore, but the iguanas living there did not materialize. They were probably in front of the fire place somewhere. There was also a marine research station which was supposed to offer tours, but it does not seem to be manned at the moment.
Yesterday morning we tried to go out the cut to the open sea to the west. No luck. The seas were huge across the bar, so the safe option was to turn around, which we did. We wanted to go up to Little farmer cut, but for the time being we were stuck.
Three hours of patience made a difference. The wind turned 30 degrees to the east, the tide turned, and we could get out easily. We were hard on fairly light winds. Again a good sail up to Little Farmer.
This is a charming place with a good yacht club and restaurant. For 25 dollars we had a good lobster meal. Life was good, as was the wine.
Right now we are waiting to go through to the bank side of the island chain. It is very shallow and the charts are not that good. We will, however, follow two other boats, so it is not really a big deal.
jfm 27.03.13

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