Necessity is Key Point in Golfo de Papagayo

Eva and Jan Fr. Mack
Sat 7 May 2011 14:34
Our position is 10:53:54N 85:54:47W
What a night. The anchorage here has wind gusts to more than 30 knots, mostly from the side (current). Everything on deck had to be secured. Anchor alarm on, light sleep. Coming here was a different story despite Cabo Santa Elena having a bad reputation. Two boats were waiting in Bahia Santa Elena. They had been waiting for 11 days. "Don't go around Cabo Santa Elena in a papagayo wind". There is a weak papagayo, but it had a more northerly component than normal. According to the grib files it was also weaker in the afternoon. I have often found the grib files to be very good, so we decided to go. Hatches latched, everything secured, storm jib ready.
It was an easy sail with the wind on the light side. No acceleration around the Cabo. On the other hand the northern component probably made our night here at Key Point a very gusty one.
We are now ready to go to Bahia Ballena, 120 miles away. Somewhat less than 24 hours. Hopefully we will get some wind and avoid motoring.
Jan Fr. 07.05.11