Necessity is in Alligator River in North Carolina

Eva and Jan Fr. Mack
Tue 21 May 2013 11:26
Our position is 35:40:32N 76:05:62W
It has been an interesting trip up here. This part of the Carolina coastline is flat, often marshland. It is far from boring. From Charleston we went along the Intracoastal up towards Georgetown. There are often "alligator" in the names of places and estuaries, not inappropriate. We saw three of them along the way, and even though I am aware that they are numerous, it is always good to see wildlife.
>From Georgetown we went offshore for 180 uneventful nautical miles. The only "event" was eating far too many cookies (not me alone). It was good, though, - to get away from the canal I mean. The canal requires a lot of attention and it takes longer than the offshore alternative. Necessity went inland again at Beaufort/Newport and sailed directly to Oriental - a place I bet you never heard about. While Charleston was sophisticated, this was the Carolinas with a distinct outback quality. Even so it is also a meeting point for cruisers. Maybe it is the Clam Chowder in Oriental Marina, or maybe it is because the people are ever so helpful and nice. It is not because of the architecture (Tom and Anne Brith are both architects so this is a professional assessment).
This area in from Cape Hatteras (infamous Cape) is a huge flat area with few people. The scenery as we motor along is not boring. There are a huge number of hawks and even more buzzards. There are a few eagles too, and there are white tail deer of which we have seen a couple. Anne Brith and Eva even saw a black bear on the beach. This is wilderness even though we are not far from the big cities around Chesapeake. What we don't have is telephone and Internet connection. Wilderness indeed.
Jan Fr. 21.05.13

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