Necessity is out at sea headed for Icelandd

Eva and Jan Fr. Mack
Mon 29 Jul 2013 18:46
Our position is 60:33:13N 40:08:50W
The Prins Christiansund was indeed fantastic, but it was not entirely without challenges. One third in we rounded a headland to find enormous icebergs and ice on the water. We thought we could navigate the bergs, but icecover? Fortunately it was an illusion, and fortunately we went close enough to find out. Because of glacier runoff the water did indeed change colour, but there were no ice. We zigzagged the bergs and got through. Basically it was quite easy.
The plan was to stop at the eastern exit where there is a weather station. There is also a small key where we planned to spend the night. The key was, however, already taken - by ice. The weather was perfect, there was very little ice that we could see offshore, and we expected to be clear of what there were before nightfall. The decision was quite easy. We went straight to sea after a little check of Necessity. That is why we are now 90 miles offshore in brilliant sunshine. The night was not quite as good, though, with fairly dense fog towards morning. Fortunately we were definitely out of any ice, and there were no other boats showing on our radar transducer. Fog is still not a desirable companion. It is much better now after some good sleep and a good brunch and lots of sunshine. It could have been better though. There is also no wind.
Jan Fr. 29.07.13

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