Necesity is in Manzanillo bay

Eva and Jan Fr. Mack
Tue 5 Apr 2011 15:41
Our position is 19:06:09N 104:20:72W
We will be on our way to Ixtapa in a short while. It will take approx. 36 hours.
Manzanillo is a very industrial town and a major port. We haven't seen this much traffic in a long time. The bay is nice with some very scenic anchorages. According to the guides the water is crystal clear and it is a good place for snorkeling. Not really. The water is green and murky, one reason why we are off. The water is finally warm though. We now talk 76F, 26C.
The sailing down was mostly good, but the wind patterns are governed by land. We may have good sailing, maybe 25 knots for 6 hours, the nothing for 3, then up again. This combines with significant wind shifts. A little more work than long distance cruisers are used to, but not bad.
jfm 03.04.11