Necessity is in Krokeide in Norway

Eva and Jan Fr. Mack
Sun 18 Aug 2013 07:07
Our position is 60:13:85N 05:17:17W
Necessity is back in Norway! It has been more than eight years abroad. The sail from Shetland was mostly good, but we knew that we were racing a gale across. It was due on the Norwegian coast midday Friday. We were due in the morning. The gale had an easterly component to it so hitting it meant hard on the wind to get in to the Marstein lighthouse. In the end we arrived together with the gale. Fortunately we had taken some precautions heading to a point on the coast considerably south of Marstein. In that way we would be able to beat straight into the inlet - and we did. We had 30 knots for a little while, but it was not a problem. We are now tucked in having a good time despite the weather. Tomorrow we head up towards Bergen. More later.
Jan Fr. 18.08.13

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