We are at Otter Shoals, but no otters.

Eva and Jan Fr. Mack
Sat 29 May 2010 04:54
Our position is 53:23:90N 129:17:14W
Hans-Jacob, Lise and Jan Fr. is on board.
We have been to Hartley Bay. The village was not bad, but it was governed by mosquitos. We therefore moved around the corner to Otter Shoals. There are no otters, but plenty of seals.
This morning was very beautiful with mist hanging over the mountains in Baker Inlet. Then the sun came up and has been with us all day. A day spent in a very long and narrow channel - Grenville channel. There are mountains and woods, mile after mile. Not a house to be seen. This place is not short of space. And it is not short of tides and tidal streams. It can run fast at places, but we got through all right.
We are getting closer to Victoria Island, and will be there in a few days.
Jan Fr