New Season -Necessity is at Fox Island in Resurection Bay

Eva and Jan Fr. Mack
Wed 28 Apr 2010 05:10
Our position is 59:54:52N 149:20:23W
A lot of work has been going on. Two new hatches (the old ones started to leak), new window in the sprayhood (a sea on our way from Japan took one of the out), and last but not least, new main and new genoa. The old main had done 35000 nm, almost twice around the world.
It was good to be back in the boat, but the weather is the same as back home. One day of sun shine is payed for by three days of sleet. This is compensated for by the scenery and the wildlife. We have seen many sea otters, a harbor seal, a stellar sea lion (huge) and scores of bald eagle, all inside the boat harbor. An eagle tried to grab a piece of fish located on the stomach of one of the sea otters. No success there. The sea otters are our favorites. They greet us in the morning and go about their business of grooming and eating all day. Mostly they are in pairs.
We finally got away from the pier. The weather has been rotten, and the Gulf of Alaska has a bad reputation. We have, however, moved out to the outer part of Resurrection Bay. That endeavor was rewarded with two humpbacks up close. It is always a grand sight. Well, may be it is Prince William Sound tomorrow. Weather permitting. Good night from a beautiful place.
Eva and Jan Fr.