Necessity is in Chula Vista San Diego

Eva and Jan Fr. Mack
Sat 20 Nov 2010 16:46
Our position is 32:37:48N 117:06:28W
It is less than 10 miles to the Mexican border.
The last post ended in Catalina Island. It is a nice islands, but the proximity to LA obviously results in a lot of people in the weekends. The prices are also very high for everything from moorings to fuel (says a Norwegian). The highlight was being invited onboard the yacht (trawler) Galathea. The owner was Brad Avery with family from Bergen. He could not resist our flag, and we spent a few hours in luxury and with very nice people. Brad is the director of a sailing foundation that owns the Alaska Eagle, a beautiful 65' sloop (former Withbread) that takes paying crew around the world. It is really a school, so paying to work is better than it sounds.
We went from Catalina to Oceanside just south of LA. The Yacht Club welcomed us and let us use their facilities. We rafted outside a very fast 47' racer owned by Scot Hansen and wife Donna. We invited them onboard, and guess what, his family was Norwegian too although he grew up in Seattle. We celebrated that with a bottle of Aquavite (he was Norwegian all right). It was a very interesting evening since they had done even more cruising than we have. Maybe we meet again in Mexico to finish the tales.
The jump to Chula Vista was a simple one, and this is were Necessity will stay while we are back home for six weeks. We got a nice slip at the marina, and was immediately greeted by "are you from Norway? I come from Molde, my name is Rigmor", all in Norwegian. I swear, we are not looking for countrymen, but it is still nice to meet this sizeable Diaspora. After that we have been offered the use of three cars (one of them from Rigmor). The reception is overwhelming like in so many places along this coast. Since arrival we have dined aboard David's and Rigmor's boat. David's Salmon receipt is hard to beat.
We are now about to leave for Houston, and after that Oslo for a few weeks.
jfm 19.11.10