A brief stop at Chesterfield Reef

Eva and Jan Fr. Mack
Sat 6 Oct 2007 20:34
Our position is 19:53:67S 158:28:18E
After less than 4 days we have landed at Chesterfield Reef. This atoll has a few small islands, but no inhabitants. Unless that is you count the thousands of birds and the occasional turtle. Well, the turtles come in force when they come sometime in October to lay their eggs. We haven't seen them yet, but we hope.
The passage here was quite fast, and again we had to put on the brakes to avoid coming in at night. The island north of the entrance has the encouraging name of Cayo Skeleton, so we decided to be careful.
The birds were there in force when we landed on the beach. They are not afraid and not aggressive. Most of them like the boobies are extraordinary elegant and somewhat nosy. The bigger chicks just sits there and lets you get quite close. The only downside is a very strong smell of guano.
Jan Fr. on Necessity
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