Necessity is in Bodega Bay outside San Francisco

Eva and Jan Fr. Mack
Fri 1 Oct 2010 02:41
Our position is 38:19:34N 123:03:43W
Bodega Bay is quite nice, but half dead out of season. We didn't quite make it to San Francisco Bay before nightfall, so we stopped here for the night. Only to find out that The Birds were shot here and not in Crescent City. Well, even Hitchcock made mistakes. Foggy Crescent City Harbor was so spooky, he could have made the film without the birds.
Not much else to tell. The most interesting piece of news is that the Harbor Master is Danish. He appeared glad to be able to use his mothers tongue.
And that the fog is still with us. But there is nothing new about that.
Jan Fr. 30.09.10