Necessity is in Seward (close to Anchorage)

Eva and Jan Fr. Mack
Thu 3 Sep 2009 01:51
Our position is 60:07:11N 149:26:18W
We had a nice sail from Kodiak and did the 180 miles in 29 hours. Nice sail, but wet. It rains a lot in Alaska. That hardly matters, however, when you are met by a sea otter enjoying a meal at its well fed belly less than 20 feet from the boat. They seem mostly to live belly up, and live to enjoy it. They are sleeping and eating with all four feet plus tail and head out of the water. Definitely Alaska's most cuddly.
We are here mainly to meet family and look forward to seeing Nels and Dorothy, Greta and Yoko and the children.
Alaska is quite a meeting place. A few days ago our son Fredrik and his brother in law Cam visited from the lower 48s. The bears performed in the salmon river, the sea otters and whales dropped in, the bison roamed and the huge Stellar sea lions where all over. It was sad to see them off again (Cam and Fredrik), but we think they had an experience to remember.
Seward is a good place to go to Anchorage, since there is actually a road and a railway. Rare in this state. Anchorage here we come.
SY Necessity with Eva and Jan Fr. onboard.
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