Necessity is anchored four miles offshore in El Salvador

Eva and Jan Fr. Mack
Wed 20 Apr 2011 01:44
Our position is 13:06:40N 88:25:24W
We are anchored here waiting for a local boat to pilot us up the river to Barrillas Marina in the morning. It is a bit rolly, but we have experienced worse.
The four days here from Huotulco in Mexico was an uneventful one - with one exception. Off Golfo de Tehuantepec we ran into a tremendous thunderstorm. It was like a gigantic "strobe". One lightning hit the water close to the boat. No equipment was destroyed, but the VHF did switch itself off. By that time we had computers, a spare VHF, a spare GPS and the Iridium phone in the stove. The stove is supposed to act as a Faraday cage and protect against EMPs (electro motive pulse). To tell the truth it was scary. It was the worst I have experienced since going from Bahamas to Bermuda in Mackita in 1997 (Bermuda triangle).
In a few days we will be back with more on El Salvador. Ken says hello. He is a great companion to have onboard. And he is a great cook!
jfm 19.04.11