Necessity is in Halifax Nova Scotia

Eva and Jan Fr. Mack
Wed 19 Jun 2013 11:50
Our position is 44:38:17N 63:36:79W
We have moved Necessity over to Halifax, approx. 50nm. The weather was good on land. Out at sea it was still the same - thick fog. We really got to test the radar when we navigated through a maze of markers coming in from the west. Fortunately the markers did turn up on the screen, and fortunately they were mostly in accordance with the charts - of vice versa.
Coming in to Halifax is a little special. Countless Norwegian ships came here regularly on convoy duty during the war. The run was between Halifax and Liverpool or Murmansk. It couldn't get much tougher than that. During the war half of all Norwegian ships were lost to the u-boats. The chance to be saved, if it happened, was slim indeed. My own father in law was one of the sailors. One can of course imagine the relief they felt when sailing into this safe harbour after a crossing. At that time I suspect the fog may have been a friend rather than a foe.
We haven't really looked at the town yet, but from the seaside it looks quite prosperous. It is a nice fjord coming in, a bit like the outer reaches of the Oslo fjord. We are staying in a local yacht club using their wifi, though we have not checked in yet. That is first on the agenda, then to town.
Hans-Jacob says hello,
Jan Fr. 19.06.13

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