Necessity is en route to Recife

Eva and Jan Fr. Mack
Tue 6 Nov 2012 17:24
Our position is 12:41:00S 36:38:00W
The most important first. Greetings to Alexandra, my new grandchild. She is a beautiful baby, even though I don't think she looks a lot like me. Pictures will be posted on, but that may take a few days. Alexandra was born in Houston to my son Fredrik and daughter in law Amanda. I will visit there in early December.
Sailing to Recife is not that easy. Wind and waves are right on the nose. We did creep up the coast by engine for a few hours, but then it was straight out to sea. We are now 60 nm offshore looking for some straight easterlies that are supposed to come along tomorrow. Time will show.
The weather last night was a little rough, but nothing we cant handle. Now it has calmed down considerably, and we are doing well. We will try to post more tomorrow when hopefully we are headed for Recife.
jfm 06.11.12

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