Necessity is at Marina da Gloria in central Rio

Eva and Jan Fr. Mack
Fri 28 Sep 2012 12:52
Our position is 22:55:19S 43:10:24W
We came in two days ago after a reasonably good sail up from Isla Grande. The forecast was for light winds, but there are stretches of this coast that seems to boost the wind considerably. We had more than 20 knots for a considerable time, and again made a fast passage. Most incredible of all. My son Fredrik is in Rio on business. As we sailed past Copacabana he spotted Necessity from a meeting room and immediately gave us a call. I have now seen him here a couple of times. You learn to appreciate such encounters when they normally live a continent away.
Till now we have stayed in Marina da Gloria, the main marina in Rio. It is very expensive without the facilities to match. The staff is, however, forever smiling and helful. Tomorrow we will cross to Niteroy on the other side of the bay. Less expensive and less pretentious. In a few days we will be off north towards some very special island with Salvador after that.
Hanna and Per-Eirik says hello.
jfm 27.09.12

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