Necessity is in Bolinao again - waiting for the tTyphoon Chan-hom

Eva and Jan Fr. Mack
Wed 6 May 2009 12:34
Our position is 16:23:13N 119:54:87E
We are here again not because we wanted to, but because this is a top rated typhoon shelter. The fact is that we are going to test its quality. Exiting, but one we rather give a miss. We are now anchored in a smallish sound with two anchors in tandem. We tested the holding power by going backwards full speed. Our anchors are very well dug in and didn't budge. The genoa has been lowered to reduce windage. Everything will be tightly fastened before the storm. It is scheduled to hit this part of the Philippines in 1-2 days. There is not much more we can do. We are not alone here, and I begin to believe that the main threat may that of other boats dragging. That is mostly outside our control, and we can only hope it does not happen.
Are we scared? On my own part there are butterflies. In such a situation the boat could be at stake. Rest assured though that our lives are not. This place is utterly protected, and no big waves are going to come crashing down on the boat or us. We knew Typhoons happen in this part of the world, but didn't expect it. And waiting is always worst....
Where have we been since the last report? Truth be told we were on our way to Japan (see previous position). Prudence and some nasty seas made us turn around. The Typhoons are unpredictable and there is another one east of us. In addition there is a regular gale north of us due partly to other lows and highs (some of you may have heard of compression zones). Unsettled weather takes on a hole new meaning. Climate change is mentioned frequently by the locals. Bolinao is one of two shelters in the Philippines with the rating excellent, so here we are. We only did a couple of hundred miles extra - like Norway to Shetland and back.
Jan Fr.
S/Y Necessity
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