Necessity is en route to Paranagua in Brazil

Eva and Jan Fr. Mack
Sun 22 Apr 2012 12:27
Our position is 29:13:00S 48:37:00W
We left Rio Grande with a good weather window. The trip up to Paranagua takes close to four days. The good weather lasted one. We are still moving quite fast, but we are holding on to a more than normal agile Necessity. Yesterdays forecast said rough to very rough, and it was a reasonable assessment. No danger though. We don't even get water on deck.
Rio Grande was run down, but we had a good time making Brazilian and Italian friends. Long distance cruising in a nut shell. In the end we were sorry to go. We may see them further up the coast, but hopefully they did not leave the day after us. That was their plan, but they probably got the revised forecast before that. On our part we are waiting for a new forecast again, and hope for better news this time. Having said that though; we are getting there fast.
Jan Fr.

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