Necessity is in Llha Anchieta - congratulations to Theodore who is two tomorrow

Eva and Jan Fr. Mack
Sun 6 May 2012 21:30
Our position is 23:32:23S 45:03:99W
We are on a small island just outside a prison colony. Not to worry, the prisoners are gone, literally. There was a riot in which all simply took off. With no prisoners they closed the prison. Now the tourists that come here in the weekends for the beautiful beaches and nice hills are gone as well. We are the only boat still here. On land there may be a caretaker family and of course the capivara, the worlds biggest known rodent. They live in big groups like pigs, but we haven't seen them yet.
We had a very good time in Ilhabela, a beautiful resort island 3 hours drive from Sao Paulo. There we met up with friends Corinna, Mark and children - rather big children. We last saw them in Vanuatu in 2007 onboard their beautiful boat Diva. They are back home in Sao Paulo, but they come to their holiday home in Ilhabela in the weekends. It was great fun seeing them again, and we had a very nice evening in their resort/home. In many ways it is both since Corinnas father used to run a hotel there.
Tomorrow we will head further east in the general direction of Rio. It is not too far away, but there are may beautiful anchorages in between. We will, however, be there in a few days.
And of course - happy birthday to our grandchild Theodore.
Jan 06.05.12

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