Necessity is in Chaguaramas in Trinidad'

Eva and Jan Fr. Mack
Fri 30 Nov 2012 11:30
Our position is 10:40:83N 61:38:05W
It was a good sail up, even if I was alone onboard. The wind was mostly good, although variable. Sailing in around the island was truly beautiful.
I also got in at exactly the right time to get customs and immigration within working hours. Then across to Power Boats Marina where I have a slot. Necessity is going up on land here while I go home to visit family. If I can organize it Necessity will also get new standing rigging. Some other maintenance work will also be done. This seems the right place with dozens of shops and hundreds of contractors. This is where cruisers congregate to get work done. They do it mostly while waiting out the hurricane season - Trinidad is out of the hurricane paths, sort of. Now the season is officially over, and most people with leave so that I can use the contractors and their facilities.
Coming in I also met a few old acquantances, one Swedish and one American, and also a lot of Scandinavian boats. This is indeed where they congregate.
jfm 30.11.12

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