Necessity is in New Jersey

Eva and Jan Fr. Mack
Fri 31 May 2013 00:06
Our position is 40:45:53N 74:01:13W
The marina is a bit run down, but I guess we are paying for the view. Lincoln marina is across the Hudson from Manhattan, and the skyline of both midtown and downtown catches the eye. The ferry across to Manhattan takes only a few minutes. New York is of course like it has been for a long time, an immense melting pot of peoples from all over the globe matched only by the mismatch of styles - mismatch, but with some fantastic buildings thrown in. Fascinating - no news there.
The sail up from Newport News was comfortable with suitable winds from a suitable direction. Sometimes it was not quite sufficient, so the engine had to be used. That was not so good, because Necessity has, untypically, developed a problem. The saltwater cooling mixes with the freshwater cooling. Not good. Even less good since we discovered the problem because of a little leak on the saltwater side (just a rubber coupling). It was quite obvious that the "salt water" contained some cooling liquid. It fortunately hasn't been that way very long since we have not lost any significant amount of cooling liquid until now. The good news is that Hans-Jacob and Lise are coming to sail with us in a few days, and they are bringing the necessary replacement parts. Hopefully that will fix the problem, though not the problem related to buying Volvo parts. A rough estimate indicates that a 55hp Volvo diesel costs about 150.000$ if bought as a collection of parts. Not a particularly good application if they are looking for owner satisfaction.
But sailing into New York was great despite Volvo and despite a bit of fog.
Jan Fr. 30.05.13

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