Necessity is in Fury Cove

Eva and Jan Fr. Mack
Thu 3 Jun 2010 02:31
Our position is 51:29:29N 127:45:54W
Only Jan Fr. is on board.
The wind is no longer expected to be down. I am, however, waiting for a new forecast.
Fury Cove is a beautiful cove reminding me a little of a lagoon of the type you find in the South Pacific. The surprising fact is also that I share this spot, not with one, but with two boats. It is getting crowded!
Coming out of Long Point Cove this morning I was met by a Humpback clapping its hands. Or rather its flippers. It looked quite odd, but I think it is a way to hunt. By repeatedly smashing its very long flippers on the surface small fish is scared to swim in a specific direction. It is likely that other whales were waiting underneath.
The weather today has been dismal, but just now it cleared up. May it be that the gale will die down tomorrow? Not likely, but I am hoping.
Jan Fr