Necessity is en route to the Faroe Islands

Eva and Jan Fr. Mack
Mon 12 Aug 2013 17:07
Our position is 62:37:26N 10:55:16W
We got away on Friday as planned, but it was maybe a little early. All Thursday and well into the night it was blowing a strong easterly gale. We were waiting for the wind to abate and shift. According to the forecasts it would be possible to leave Friday morning. We were uncertain. In the harbour the wind was still roughly in the same quarter, though much weaker. We waited for a new forecast, but it was late in coming. At one in the afternoon we took Necessity out of the harbour and into the sound outside. The weather was dreary with rain and still a bit of wind. The sea was utterly confused, though not dangerous. Off we went into a bumpy experience. Worse, the wind had not yet shifted sufficiently so we would not make the headland in southern Island. Obviously we did in the end, but it took a bit of work - and a bit of cheating with the engine. The wind shifted fully only in the early evening. After that it has been fairly good, though early Sunday the wind is very weak and we are doing a bit of motoring again. We will make Thorshavn in the Faroes very early tomorrow morning.
I am glad we stopped at Heimaey. As volcanic landscapes go it is unique (I have seen a few). The small museum gives a good picture of the dramatic past.
So visiting was worth it despite the locals never being on time. First the fuel man was more than an hour late, then customs came along 1.5 hours later than agreed. Is it a bit "manjana" in Vestmanneyjar?
Jan Fr. 11.08.13

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