Necessity is getting close to Greenland

Eva and Jan Fr. Mack
Mon 8 Jul 2013 15:50
Our position is 58:45:01N 50:30:13W
Right now we are motoring, but there has been some good days of sailing. Yesterday brought some good experiences and some not so good. First of all it was cold, and it was raining quite a bit. Or was that the day before? The days blend into each other after some days at sea. Yesterday was definitely the day of a little trouble. First the heater became troublesome. It switched off seemingly without reason. That is one piece of important equipment up here. Fortunately it now seems back to normal. Then the engine developed a leak in the freshwater system. A new one this time. It seems the hoses are getting a bit rotten. I managed for fix it with vulcanizing tape and some electrical strips. It will work until Greenland, but the hose must be changed. Then there were the good news. We had visitors. It must have been more than a hundred pilot whales. I am beginning to understand how they got their name. They behaved like playful dolphins, surfing the waves all around Necessity. Some were quite big and some must have been only calves, but they were all having fun. It was bitterly cold, so it was not fun being out taking the pictures. Not to worry though, we got them. Right now the sun is shining from an all blue sky. The rain and mist is gone, but so is the wind. We do expect the wind back in a few hours. Hopefully it will be a good sail up to Paamiut. ETA tomorrow night.
Jan Fr. 08.07.13

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