Necessity is in Jacksonville, Florida

Eva and Jan Fr. Mack
Wed 10 Apr 2013 23:45
Our position is 30:19:21N 81:39:70W
Necessity is in River City Marina in Jacksonville. To dock the boat alone in three knots of current is a challenge, but is worked by slowly moving towards the dock with the throttle just offsetting the current. I was happy with that one.
Necessiyt has now tested the Intracoastal Waterways through most of Florida. It was nice, but it is not the type of cruising I am used to. It is hard to go more than 50 miles per day, and the going requires a type of attention that is not practiced offshore. Having said that, the Intracoastal is well maintained, at least in Florida. Rumors have it that it is less well maintained in Georgia. A nice aspect of the Waterways is that there is quite a bit of wildlife. In addition to the manatees, there is a special breed of small dolphins around. Mostly they have dark color, but up this particular river they seem to be white. I am not mistaken I can hear them inside the boat at night, their echo location is quite distinct.
Jacksonville is mostly a commercial hub. The city is nice enough, and the marina sits in a park with the science and maritime museums as neighbors. Another close neighbor is a railway bridge. fortunately is operates only in daytime. It is quite noisy.
Tomorrow I am going home via Houston. Oddly enough, our son Fredrik who lives in Houston, is in Oslo right now.
There may now be a slight pause in this blog, but a full Norwegian version with pictures will be issued in a few days.
Jan Fr. 10.04.13

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