Necessity is in route to French Gayana

Eva and Jan Fr. Mack
Tue 20 Nov 2012 20:53
Our position is 02:51:00N 27:21:00W
Necessity is back in the northern hemisphere. Neptune visited and the rookie was inaugurated. It looked bad for a while, but Per-Eirik is still among us. Nuptune was a little mad because Per-Eirik had taken his best fish without asking.
He was probably still a little mad, because yesterday we hit the doldrums - no wind for the day. This phenomenon is also called the "horse latitudes" because the horses were thrown overboard if the ship was becalmed for too long. Not enough water for the horses. We have enough water, and besides we have no horses. We also have an engine, so we should now be out of the doldrums. They are very narrow at the coast of Brazil, but the wind is still ilght.
At the time of writing we are 344 nm from Kourou, so maybe we are there in two days. Whether we are able to catch the tide up the river is another matter. Time will show.
jfm 20.11.12 at 1030 local

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