Necessity is in Keflavik Marina, Iceland

Eva and Jan Fr. Mack
Sat 3 Aug 2013 11:21
Our position is 64:00:53N 22:33:38W
The first part of this trip was entirely dictated by ice conditions. We were probably quite lucky to get through Prince Christiansund like we did. Out at sea it was all about weather and weather forecasts. Pretty soon we could see a strong northerly develop between us and Iceland. This was driven by a high pressure ridge midway between Greenland and Iceland in the Denmark Strait. The logical solution was to keep west of the ridge, but not too close to Greenland. We have had enough of icebergs in fog. That gave us good weather, but very little wind. Fortunately the diesel was very cheap in Greenland. Unfortunately it is now mostly gone. On the other hand it would not have been fun beating into 30 knots of wind. When we reached the latitude of Reykjavik we were able to cut across the ridge and get the northerlies on the beam. We have had some good sailing, but a lot of dismal motoring. You do not, however, challenge the Denmark Strait.
We are now in a tiny marina mostly made for fishing boats, but there is plenty of space. A fisherman and sailing enthusiast, Ragnar, was here and helped us dock. If only customs were as easy to get hold of. I will now more soon,
Jan Fr. 03.08.13
ps Customs came while I was writing this. Not bad....

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