Necessity is en route to Trinidad

Eva and Jan Fr. Mack
Mon 26 Nov 2012 10:28
Our position is 06:30:00N 53:46:00W
I am off again. I left Per-Eirik at Ile du Diable (of Papillion and Dreyfous fame). That should teach him. On the other hand, it is quite civilized these days. Per-Eirik was getting back to Kourou on another boat. He was setting off for a bus trip to Manaus, the big city in the middle of the Amazon. From there he is flying home. I am taking Necessity up to Trinidad, arrival in four days or so.
Kourou was interesting, but we were not able to visit the Space Center. It seems they were preparing for a launch on 30. November, and the number of visitors was restricted. We did not have time to wait and watch the launch. I am sure it would have been spectacular.
You may we wandering "who else is onboard the Necessity". No one. This time I have to live with my own company. No other participants in my sophisticated discussions this time.
jfm 25.11.12

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