We are at Flinders Island

Eva and Jan Fr. Mack
Tue 27 May 2008 06:21
Our position is 14:10:65S 144:13:75E
Lizard Island was great with a famous walk up to Cooks Lookout. Like the renowned lieutenant we went up twice. Good exercise and a magnificent view. The snorkeling is among the best on the Barrier Reef littered with giant clams 1,25 meters across. This may be the last place to go swimming in the sea while in Australia. Lizard has only one salt water crocodile and few deadly stingers. How do we know? We visited the local marine research station. They do hundreds of dives every year and keep tab of most marine creatures around the island. The visit was very educational.
We have sailed up to Flinders. Starting early in the morning we easily made the 84 miles in less than 12 hours. The sailing has really been great here in Australia.
Eva and Per-Henning says hello.
Jan Fr.
S/Y Necessity
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